Thematic sections of the Exhibition
«Kazautoroad - Kaz

The Exhibition «Kazautoroad»:

  • Construction, excavation, utility equipment, equipment for the repair and maintenance of roads, crushing and crushing and screening plant, asphalt and cement plants and systems installation.
  • Innovative technologies and materials for the construction, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of roads, bridges and overpasses.
  • Technology, equipment and materials for the construction, repair and maintenance of autoroads bridges and oven passes. Machinery and equipment for ground services autoroad.
  • Tunnel and bridge construction, repair and maintenance facilities.
  • Road bitumen and lubricants.
  • Testing equipment for materials control, diagnostics and operational quality control of road works and the current state of road surfaces, bridge and tunnel construction.
  • Design.  
  • The software and communications.
  • Geodetic, geological, drilling equipment.
  • Clothes.
  • The system of education, training and retraining.
  • Renting and leasing of construction machinery and equipment.
  • Finance and insurance services.
  • Specialized mass media.


The Exhibition «Kaztraffic»

  • Intelligent transport systems of traffic management sector:


    • Toll roads: the system of organization of payment, the control parameters of vehicles and ensure compliance with the use of toll roads
    • Positioning system based on GLONASS/GPS
    • Emergency communication systems on the roads with the services of a rapid response
    • Information Management System for road users
    • Monitor weather roads
    • Systems for information and communication (telecommunication systems and cellular)
    • Systems for photo/video recording and monitoring road conditions
    • Control systems and fixing traffic enforcement
    • Computer-aided control of the masses and dimensions
    • Navigation and monitoring
  • Road safety:


    • Interactive information provision: road signs, traffic lights, display board
    • Road markings, barrier fencing and noise protection screens
    • Energy of the road and street lighting and lighting
    • Rescue equipment
  • Roadside service:


    • Current solutions in the organization and construction of roadside service roadside areas, improvement of roadside areas
    • Complex issues roadside service organizations and components of the complex
    • Public-private partnership in the organization of roadside service
  • Organization of parking:


    • Parking: information about the location and parking availability for the drivers, payment and accounting, visual surveillance and security
    • Fencing materials, parking garages.

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