Exhibition dates and venue:

26-27 November 2020
Nur-Sultan (Astana), Republic of Kazakhstan,
KORME Exhibition Centre, Dostyk Street 3

Business programme

We invite you to work with associations, scientific-research and educational organisations, transportation and logistics companies, Kazakhstan and overseas companies and specialists in the development and application of information and analytical transportation systems and road management subsystems, specialists in communications and telecommunications, manufacturers of technology and equipment, overseas companies and their representative offices in the Republic of Kazakhstan, international experts and associations.

Please send your proposals to the exhibition organisational committee

Exhibition working time

Exhibition assembly: 23-24 November 2020

Participant arrival: 25 November 2020, from 09.00 until 19.00

Exhibition days:

26 November - 09.00 – 18.00
27 November - 09.00 – 18.00

Exhibition dismantling:

28 November from 09.00 until 20.00

Participants who have ordered and paid for a standard exhibition site, should be provided with a standard stand. Participants may set up their exhibits on 25 Novemberfrom 09.00 until 18.00.

Individual developers and participants who have ordered undeveloped exhibition sites may assemble and set up their exhibits on 24 November from 9.00 until 20.00.

Participants transporting machinery and equipment into the pavilion may set up on the first day of exhibition assembly (24 November 2020).

Machinery and equipment may be brought into the exhibition centre open site on 25 November 2020.




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